Technology and Equipments

We are equipped with advanced technology and world-class equipments.

To fulfill this aim of providing impeccable and trustworthy service, we work with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals and an efficient logistics department. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures optimal use of energy. Being green is our way of doing business responsibly.

We work with our customers as a team to deliver the best possible service. We invest in the future to build lasting partnerships with all our clients.

To cope up with the increasing orders and the expansion of the company, C-Tech
has to continually increase its Machinery and Factory area.

We have a complete backup of two tool rooms of our own for design & development of Jigs & Fixtures, SPM Special Purpose Machines, Cutting Tools, Heat Treatment Facility, CMM Facility along with Strong Vendor network


Present 35,000 Square Ft
40,000 Sq Ft open land for future expansion.

Human Resource

Technically Qualified and Experienced Engineers : 16
Second Level Managers For Q.C. & Prod : 14
Skilled Workers : 60
Semi-Skilled Workers : 10
Staff : 10

Machinery & Facilities


CNC Turn Mill Centre


BFW Agni


Trimos -Height Gauge


Profile Projector



Sun Bright – Heat Treatment Facility (Sister Concern)

sunbright 570px 570px
Sun Bright - Heat Treament facility is the sister concern, as C-Tech has 25% stake at Sun Bright and 3 experts are running this show.
Case Hardening
Through Hardening & Tempering
We have advanced technologically sealed quench heat treatment equipments. These are fully automated equipments with PLC controller & having furnance capacity of 1 Ton per day. We have our own advanced metallurgical test laboratory to inspect and analyze the results of the various treatments performed in the plant.