Following sustainable business practices through Safe E-Waste Disposal
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Following sustainable business practices through Safe E-Waste Disposal

Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced this scenario: your electronic devices have reached the end of their life, or you are just upgrading your office and it’s time to replace old machinery with new ones. What do you do with the old electronic devices or computers or any other E-Waste? 

As technology continues to evolve and businesses incorporate the newest equipment to provide a competitive edge, there is a growing need for the proper disposal of e-waste. In the office setting, some of the most common examples are CPUs, monitors, tonners, printers, phones, keyboards, calculators, and lamps. Almost all of these products contain metals. When those metals sit in landfills without being recycled, they oxidize and ionize in the soil (meaning they’re affected by oxygen and they break down). Through improper e-waste disposal, these metals can leach into the soil and groundwater which in turn make the groundwater poisonous. Lead is another toxin in e-waste, and lead poisoning can cause health problems that include the impairment of cognitive and verbal activity. Long-term exposure can lead to paralysis or coma.

At C-Tech we are becoming better by following sustainable business practices. The recent certificate received from “Maharashtra Pollution Control Board” is a symbol of our genuine efforts towards making our planet a better and greener one.

Let us pledge together to make our earth a better place,

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

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